Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today I:

1. Mowed the yard

2. Bought three t-shirts, a skirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris, two books, a hairdryer, and two beach towels

3. had lunch with girlfriends

4. lounged by the pool

5. got slightly sunburned

6. got a haircut

7. ate dinner with my wonderful husband

8. wrote 800 words

And now I am tired. I am going to shower, read a bit, then crash. But before that, a picture of a wet cat to amuse you:

Morgan loves to shower. He is my little freak of nature.


Innuendo said...

yes, he is a freak.
sounds like a LOVELY day! :)
i need to get my haircut really bad.
i keep putting it off. i don't like the process.

Sean M. Murphy said...

Morgan is clearly a freak of moisture, and he doesn't look anywhere as unhappy about it as i would expect any other cat to look.

Consider me amused!

Kelly Swails said...

This picture is actually a little misleading--I had to use the flash and the pre-flash red-eye flash made him squint a little, so he looks more perturbed than he actually is.

K8: the haircut business sucks for you because now you have to find a whole new lady.