Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm editing/reading the Stormy Weather manuscript, and here's my take: I suck.

Maybe I should marry the two different drafts together or something. Maybe I need more teen angst. Maybe I need more plot. Maybe I need to have my head examined.

Definitely a valley in the writing roller-coaster ride.

Maybe I don't have any perspective anymore. I need to get some readers on this thing. Hopefully a semi-formed draft will be ready for readers by June 1st. Volunteers, get your eyes ready.

All I need is a rejection to really set the mood.

On the bright side, I bought the new Maroon 5 disc on Tuesday. It's stylishly funky. There's a few songs that sound like they could have been on their last album, but most of the tunes have less edge than Songs About Jane. I like it--it's got a beat I can dance to.


hollymc said...

*hugs* I'm sure it's not as bad as you think! You're welcome to send a chapter or two my way if you ever need the perspective. I'd love to read.

Kelly Swails said...

Thanks! I needed the cyberhug. I'll take you up on the reading offer--I'll be working on the draft for the next week or so, then I'll throw the first few chapters your way. My only rule is that you be specific and honest. I can take it! :)