Saturday, May 12, 2007

Glorious summer!

At least it feels like it. I live near a college town, and it's graduation weekend. For the townies like me, that means two things: 1. I will not be dining or shopping in town this weekend unless I am about to die from starvation and 2. starting Monday, there will be available tables in the cafes, no lines at Target, and no waits at the restaurants on Friday nights. Those of you who live in towns with major universities will know what I'm talking about. When 30% of your population leaves for three months, you're bound to notice.

Actually, in regards to #1: starvation would be a preferable alternative to dealing with the crowds this weekend.

Don't worry about my stomach: we're traveling to the Quad Cities tomorrow for Mother's Day. Harris's pizza, here I come!


Jodi Meadows said...

Dude, I totally know that feeling. I live in Harrisonburg, VA, with James Madison University. It isn't a MAJOR school, but it does take up a good bit of the town.

Their graduation was last weekend. We did not brave the town either.

Kelly Swails said...

Our Major State University as an enrollment of around 30,000, I think. During move-in, Homecoming, Dad's weekend, Mom's weekend, and Graduation we stay the hell outta the way.

Sean M. Murphy said...

Hey X, I lived for six years in Amherst, MA, with five colleges. The students were about 75% of the population (as there were about 75,000 people when they were in session, and 20,000 when they weren't.

Summer was always the best of times.

Kelly McCullough said...

My wife files the last of her grades today and the students will mostly be gone by Friday. Peace and quiet will descend and drunks will stop stepping in our flowerbeds. When they're in class many of them are wonderful, evenings and weekends, considerably less so.

Kelly Swails said...

Y: you said it. I'm lucky in that I don't actually live in town but more of a suburb, so there are no drunk students puking in my daylilies. I can't even imagine actually living near campus.

Sean: Summer and Christmas break are my favorite times of year.

Kelly McCullough said...

It has it's pluses too. Like we're walking distance from almost all the good restaurants and Laura's commute is six blocks.

Innuendo said...

you know i feel ya.
as a townie, campus was something i tried to avoid at all costs.

now that we have been gone for a week, we feel this weird emotion we've never felt about our alma mater before:


apparently it only comes into effect if you LEAVE your college town.

what's next, we'll be walking the quad for our anniversary?