Friday, May 24, 2013

My very first fiction editor credit!

So I'm able to share the cover and TOC from my very first anthology as an editor. I'm so excited for this to get into the hands of readers. It's available at Origins Game Fair and has a limited print run of 400 copies.

Green Room-Aaron Allston
Hero's Final Walk-Timothy Zahn
The Raven-Maxwell Alexander Drake
He Was A Marvelous Man-Janine K. Spendlove
A Blank Canvas-Patrick S. Thomlinson
Waking Up-Dylan Birtolo
Fellow Traveler-Donald J. Bingle
By the Seat of Your Pants-Sheryl Nantus
Invincible-Sarah Hans
Blue Boy-Daniel Myers
Bloom-Bradley P. Beaulieu
Memories Like Crystal Shards-Jennifer Brozek
The Caretaker of Mire-Gregory A. Wilson
The Commodore-Bryan Young
Sunny Acres Home of the Specialized Care of the Elderly-Addie J. King
A Fixed State-Aaron Rosenberg
Interview-R. T. Kaelin
By Blood and Fang and Song, We Call You-Jaym Gates
Bindings-Steven Saus
Cheshire Moon-Tracy Chowdhury
The One Where the Dad Dies-Kelly Swails
Field Trip-Michael A. Stackpole

I'm back!

I'm resurrecting the blogger blog for a few reasons.

1. Google is my master now.
2. I'm tired of LJ hijinks, and I never used it anyway. (I'm not deleting, though--if you wanna peruse the archives, use the linky over there.)
3. I might actually cross-post my writing group blog over to here, and subsequently cross-post this content to my website and goodreads and such. You know. For exposure and shit.
4. I kinda want to get into the personal blogging game again. We'll see how long that lasts.