Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The intrepid adventures of short fiction

"Sudden Death" went to Interzone and "Rules of Engagement" went to Weird Tales.

Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I've passed the 15,000-word mark on Stormy Weather. I have a suspicion the first draft is going to be around 30,000-35,000 words, but I also suspect that after a few read-throughs by myself and some fabulous readers, I'll be able to beef that up. As I said a few days ago, I'm beginning to hit the part of the story where shit really starts to hit the fan, so for the next week or so I should make some major headway on the first draft. June 1st, I snub my nose at thee!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, X! And nice pacing with Stormy Weather!

What kind of response times are you getting with Interzone?

Kelly Swails said...

Thanks! I'm still shooting for that June 1st "finished first draft" deadline.

As for Interzone, this is my first submission to them. They accept e-subs in May and September. I e-mailed "Sudden Death" on May 1st, and on May 2nd the slush reader responded that he had received the submission, had downloaded it unto his PDA, and would get back to me as soon as humanly possible. However, I followed the link in his e-mail to his blog and discovered that they received at least 46 e-subs on May 1st. So ... I'll probably hear soon but not, you know, tomorrow.