Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another reason not to procreate

So Ken and I went to Best Buy today. I had intended to buy a new CD as a reward for my "Last Man Standing" rejection, but the opening chords of the Guitar Hero II song "Surrender" by Cheap Trick caught my ears. I wondered over to the display area to find a father watching his boy play the game. The orange key was in play, and from the number of notes, I suspect this kid was playing the "expert" level. I watched an eight-year-old score over 200,000 points on a first-tier song. I was exhilarated and humiliated at the same time. Exhilarated because damn! I just watched someone kill this game! and humiliated because damn! I thought I was doing good because last night I scored over 75,000 points on a "medium" level, sixth-tier song.

Chalk this up as a lesson learned. Never have kids because they'll only kick your ass at video games.

And I still have to buy a CD. Maybe I'll wait until Tuesday ... the new Maroon 5 album comes out. Yeah, yeah, Innuendo, I know. I almost heard your eyes roll in Indy all the way from here.


Anonymous said...

And then you'll burn the M5 to mp3 and email me illegal copies, because they're that good.


Kelly Swails said...

Sure. But we never talked about this in a public forum or anything.

Anonymous said...


Those sunglasses are yours, I've already got mine right here. I'll go out the door and turn left. Count to seventy, then you leave and go right. I'll get you a message when things quiet down again.

Kelly Swails said...

I'll wear a gerber-daisy corsage on my right lapel if it's safe to talk.

Innuendo said...

thanks for the shout-out. it makes me feel snobbish! :)

buy your maroon 5.

for the record, i probably couldn't identify maroon 5 if i heard it.

you're cooler than me because you can play guitar hero. serious.

Kelly Swails said...

Guitar Hero rules.

And I got the CD today and am listening to it as I type this.