Sunday, June 03, 2007


Today I shipped of the anemic manuscript of Stormy Weather to two readers. A third reader got the first two chapters. I'm excited because this story's been clangin' around my head for so long that I'm anxious to see what other people think of it. They're going to give me such great input that I bet I can have a really great 2nd draft by August 1st, maybe sooner. That's right, a new deadline! And then I'd like to have it out the door to agents by September 1st. We shall see.

Now that I'm waiting on responses, I can start looking at other projects. I'd like to pull out my old Gemstone Prophecy trilogy and update (read: completely change) it. I want to change the protagonist's background and condense it all into one book. That could take some time but I think it'll improve the project and make it more salable. Then I'll do the agent routine with that one.

And then after that, I'd like to start researching/outlining a sci-fi/thriller/mystery I've been mulling over for a while that has to do with AI chips and autism. That's going to take a fair amount of research and plotting. It's intimidating but you don't grow as a writer (or a person, for that matter) by doing the same thing all the time.

This is all, of course, contingent on not having any more deadlines. There's been rumblings of short-story type offerings in my future, though, so fingers crossed on that front. I'll make an announcement when/if such whispers become official.

On the exercising front, I jogged 2 miles and lifted some weights. The yard probably needs mowed, too-we've gotten a fair amount of rain in the area lately and it's best to keep on top of these things. I hate yard work. I swear our next house is going to be a condo with wood floors and a pool. Or maybe I'll just hire a hunky landscaper.


barbarienne said...

Totally off-topic...

Dude, you need to set up a dummy livejournal so people can friend you and you can see their locked posts.

I created a dummy blogger account so I can comment in the blogs of friends who don't allow anonymous comments...

Are you going to Readercon?

Kelly Swails said...

Dude, I know. Jodi Meadows nailed me for that a few months ago. Okay, okay, I'll do it.

I hadn't planned on going to Readercon. I would like to go to World Fantasy, though. Got room in your room?

Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

Sounds like too much work to me.

As for the next house - maybe try getting a hunky landscaper now for this one. If that doesn't work out, either come to Cali or buy a condo with wood floors and a pool. (FYI: It doesn't take long to clean 500 sq. ft.)

Kelly Swails said...

B: True, it doesn't take long to clean a small space. It also doesn't take much to dirty it up, either. One t-shirt on the floor and three glasses on the coffee table is all it takes.

A condo with wood floors and a pool is right up my alley.