Friday, June 08, 2007

This and that

Last night I went to see "Knocked Up" with some friends of mine. I loved it! Full of cursing and crude jokes and a prosthetic vagina. The pink-eye scene is hysterical. Besides all the horsing around, the writing was good and the characters were all awesome. The dude who plays Marshall on "How I Met Your Mother" has a role and he's frickin' hilarious. I've always been a fan of Paul Rudd, and his performance didn't disappoint. He's like a younger John Cusack. If you're not going to be offended by hearing "fuck" approximately 1,547 times, go see it. I'd pay to see it again. Afterwards we drank wine and ate appetizers at a wine shop. Good times.

Today Ken and I bought a new scale. Apparently our old one under-weighed us by about 9 pounds. Yeah, it sucks. More exercise and less food for us. I refuse to give in.

I haven't written much this week. I need to sit down with a note book, answer some questions about my characters, and dissect my plot to see how I can make things worse for each of my characters. One of my readers agreed that the story had good bones but needed more meat. A project for the weekend.


Paul Genesse said...

Hey Kelly,

Your last blog entry was hilarious. The Karma's Bitch entry was good too. I enjoy reading your blog and need to get there more often! Have a great weekend!


Innuendo said...

Paul Rudd was on my list of 3 celebrities that I could...uh...

but then my friend told me he wasn't hot enough so I removed him. Then I petitioned Lou to expand our list to 5 so I could fit Rudd back on.

It's not my fault Lou can't come up with 5 hot broads on the spot (that aren't playmates).

Kelly Swails said...

Rudd is totally hot enough. Ditch Reznor. Oh, okay, fine. Leave Reznor on. But ditch someone and put Rudd back in his place.