Sunday, August 06, 2006

Take that, flab!

So I did the mini-triathlon yesterday for the fourth year in a row. Keep in mind that I didn't train at all this year, not really. Normally, I'm biking, running, and swimming all summer long, and a few weeks before the tri and actually do the race a few times to practice the transisitons. Yeah, didn't do any of that this year. The first year I did it, my time was 1:05 something (that's one hour five minutes) and the next two years it was 1:02 something. This year, without training at all, it was ... 1:02 something. What the fuck? I totally walked half of the run, too. I definitely wasn't in as good of condition, but my time was better than the first year I did it! Aargh. The friend I did it with said, "Kinda makes you wish we'd trained, huh?" And the logical response is, "Yeah, if we'd trained I'd have totally done it in under an hour." But would I have? I don't know. This friend has talked me into doing a half-marathon next year. I'm thinking of revoking her friendship card.

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Innuendo said...

I'm not shy about grabbing my rolls and introducing them to people. "Hi I'm Kate, and this is my roll of fat"

I'd name them, but then I'd worry that that would mean they'd never leave me.

I don't know how you do it. I hate exercise for the sake of exercise, which explains my rolls.

Good for you! No, seriously. You make me look disgusting. You shoulda seen how much Chinese food I've eaten in 24 hours.