Tuesday, August 15, 2006

yeah, well, I suck.

Just received word that my "killer Survivor" story didn't make it into the anthology. The rejection letter was funny and clever, which didn't make me feel better, but I appreciated the sentiment. It said something along the lines of the story being good but didn't really fit in with the direction the anthology was taking. I suspect it was a form letter even though it had my name at the top. I'm licking my wounds tonight, then I'll hit ralan.com tomorrow. There's gotta be a sick mind out there that'll publish it.

On a brighter note, I wrote four pages on my book yesterday. If I can pull myself out of my funk, maybe I'll accomplish that much tonight.


Innuendo said...

That story kicked much ass. It'll get showcased in the appropriate place for sure someday. Keep submitting it!

Innuendo said...

p.s. pssshhh they don't know what they are missing.