Wednesday, August 23, 2006

new digs

As you guys can see, I've spruced the place up. New paint, a few new pieces of furniture, cleaned out the closets, that sort of thing. Let me know how ya'll like it. The new blogger programing allows for easy changes, so expect template changes at whim. This could be fun.

Still getting over my summer cold. Now it has progressed to a chunky cough. Yech. Worse, I gave Ken the cooties, so he's pretty miserable. He doesn't move more than five feet without his box of lotion-tissue, Cold-eeze drops, and Actifed pills. Poor guy. Hopefully he'll get over it soon. It's nearly fall and the weather will be too nice to be cooped up inside.


Innuendo said...

awwww...colds suck. i feel shitty for about a month straight starting NOW due to ragweed allergies, so i feel ya. i'm like ken i guess, when i get a cold, i whine and whimper and make a sad face and say, "Louie, can we get the special kind?" referring to the kleenex with lotion.

now "the special kind" just automatically implies tissues with lotion. i don't have to say anything else. i say, "get ground beef, dogfood and the special kind" and i'll receive my tissues.

Kelly Swails said...

I love marriage short-hand. I find it happens with close friends, too. It's cool when someone overhears you, asks "the special kind? what?" and you explain it to them (if they're special enough to know, that is.) You've let them into your world a little bit, and they've just gotten a free look at what it's like to be you.