Monday, September 26, 2005

so sue me

It turns out maybe I don't know the difference between a wizard and a warlock. In my mind, wizards use magic from their beings and warlocks use things such as potions and objects to do their magic. Here are the definitions, however: Wizard--one who is skilled in magic. Warlock: one who practices the dark arts. So that makes Harry Dresden a wizard who fights warlocks. Harry is disgrunted, wears a duster, and engages in premarital sex, so I think you could get on him, Innuendo. He's a definate dark-and-disturbed type.

Oh, and a big shout out goes to merriam-webster for the defs.

Today I cleaned house, which qualifies as exercise in my book. For those of you naysayers who claim cleaning can in no way be cardiovascular activity, you haven't cleaned my house. My husband and I have a high muck tolerance, and cleaning house involves heavy lifting, scrubbing, five miles of walking, and finding twelve innovative ways of getting cat hair off of furniture. I breathed heavy. I sweated. Therefore, I worked out. And for those of you wondering: yes, I consider sex a workout, too.

This evening I'm off so we're going to see a movie and have dinner. Then I'll probably start working on my edit of the first draft.

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