Thursday, September 22, 2005


Just watched tonight's episode of Lost. I got sucked in during the first minute-thirty and didn't budge from the couch until the end. God bless TiVo--fast forwarding the commercials is the best way to watch tv.

I didn't get any writing done today, I had to go to the doctor for the annual kick-the-tires-and-check-under-the-hood routine, as well as mow the jungle we call a yard. My perfectionist neighbor (her name's Tina but I call her Martha Stewart) gave me dirty looks while I was mowing, as in 'yeah, it's about time you did that' and I gave her looks back that said, 'why don't you shove your clippers up your ass', so it was a satisfying afternoon. Tomorrow all I have on the agenda is going for a run and writing, so I'm hoping to log in a few hours at the keyboard. On a good day I can write about five pages an hour, so writing ten pages would make me a happy camper.

My goal is to have a solid first draft done by the end of September so I can dole it out to two of my readers that have read the first two in the series. The idea is to have a nearly-completed manuscript by the time I go to World Fantasy Convention in November so I can say I've completed a trilogy and by the way, here's what I'm working on now. My next book, I think, will be centered around four wizards living in modern-day America. Each of the four are in high school, run with different crowds, and use a different kind of magic than the others. Each of them knows they're a wizard but don't know the others are until their parents bring them together to tell them ... what, precisely, I don't know, but I know that in order to save the world from destruction or keep their secret safe they'll have to work together and combine their four magics into one. Clearly there's a lot of work to be done. Right now I see it as one book, not a series, but who knows where it will end up. You gotta feed these baby ideas and let them become what they want to be.

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