Thursday, September 29, 2005


What does everyone have against vegetables???? I'm going to a cook-out on Sunday and I've been discouraged from bringing a veggie dish. Everyone claims they won't eat it. I don't understand--veggies are low-cal, crunchy, have lots of fiber and vitamins, and you don't have to kill 'em to eat 'em. I should make a group called PVE--people for vegetable equality. Though, by the sounds of things, I'd be the only member so it'd be the person for vegetable equality.

I'm going over my manuscript and I've come to this conclusion: it sucks. I think the basic story is good, but it needs a lot more discription and a lot more heft to it. Basically, a lot more work. And to make matters worse, the book I'm reading now totally kicks ass and so I feel inadequate. Aarrgh. I'll feel a lot more confident once I've put about ten hour's worth of rewriting into it. For starters.

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