Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stupid California sun

The four of us hit Santa Monica beach today. We didn't go to the pier, because we had to apartment-search in the afternoon, but we did wave-swim in the ocean and soak up the sun. Where I put SPF 45 didn't get burned, but the places that got missed ... wowza. Red and swollen and painful. Not nearly bad enough to blister, but not enough to forget I'm burned, either. Ken got it pretty good on his tummy. Ouch. We were out for three hours, but it didn't feel like it because of the cool breeze off the water and the mild temperatures. Deceptive, that California sun. I'll post good beach pictures when I get home. Although, I have to say, somehow I have to get Ken over his camera phobia. He actually get angry if you try to take his picture, and I hate that. I always tell him "I'm not going to have any pictures for your funeral photo collage, and I'll look like a bad wife" but he doesn't care. One of these days we're going to have a huge fight about, and I'm so going to win.

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Innuendo said...

Yo. I wanted to go to Santa Monica beach and pier...but we never got there. The only time we had to go there was at night so we blew it off. HAVE FUN!!!! As crazy as L.A. is, I actually liked it even though I knew I shouldn't.