Sunday, October 23, 2005

stupid printer

So I go to print out a draft of my manuscript today and the printer decides to crap out. Stupid piece of shit. I refilled the cartridge, cleaned it, and still no dice. It'll print picture scans but not word documents. Ken said that when he was printed a bunch of stuff it just quit printing--it spewed out pages, but with nothing on 'em. I honesty thought cleaning the print cartridge would take care of the problem. Now I gotta spend who knows how long tomorrow morning troubleshooting this thing so I can get a hard copy of my work to edit it. Aaaargh. Maybe I oughta save myself the stress and work on something else. You know, use the technology failure as an excuse to write a short story or work on the plot for my next book. At least I'd be productive instead of cursing at my printer. We'll see what sort of mood I'm in tomorrow.

On the bright side, the tempertures have taken a dip again and it finally feels like fall. Yippee! I love when the weather turns cold. Cold weather is total comfort food and clothes time. Sweaters, mashed potatoes, roasted pecans, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, scarves and mittens, here I come.

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Innuendo said...

printers are bogus. maybe you should go "office space" on it's ass and take it to a field to beat the crap out of it.