Thursday, October 20, 2005

cold medicine rocks

I've had a wicked head cold for the past few days. I'm so high on Nyquil that I've been thinking that this whole WFC thing could turn out okay. I've made a few e-mail contacts so far so there's industry folks I'll be looking up, the author I sent my manuscript to says she'll talk to me about it in Madison, and a fellow young gun I've emailed has invited me to get to know her friends over dinner and drinks. Really, how bad can this be? So what if I don't convince an editor to look at my trilogy? I'll at least have made some writing drinking buddies.

Due to the aforementioned head cold, I've not worked on my third book at all for about four days. Damn it! But on the plus side my drug-induced euphoria has produced some really primo ideas I can't wait to incorporate.

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