Wednesday, October 05, 2005

passive-aggressive fighting

My husband and I have a strange system for our fights--a small burst of angry talk followed by a day of pouting with seemingly no resolution except whatever prompted the arguement usually doesn't happen again. I won't get into here except to say that I was angry that he disrespected my choices and disregarded my feelings and he's angry because I said his actions were selfish. This, too, will blow over, and I'm willing to bet that the instigating circumstances won't happen again.

Today I have the day off, which means in theory I should get lots of writing done but in practicality means I'll spend the day puttering and shopping. I've started the rewrites on my book and it doesn't suck as bad as I thought. Oh, sure, lots of work to be done and changes to be made, but it's not the complete overhaul that I thought it was going to be. It always amazes me, though, that the smallest changes make the biggest differences.

Yesterday I bought a new Jim Butcher book and a James Clemens book. James Clemens also writes thrillers I enjoy under the name James Rollins (his latest is "A Map of Bones") so I'm going to give his fantasy a whirl. This guy writes one thriller and one fantasy book a year. That's so impressive to me, since it's taken me two years to write three books, but I guess if writing's your full-time job it'd be a little easier to be prolific.

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