Thursday, October 27, 2005


When I turned on my computer, I had intended for this to be a fun post. However, I made the mistake of checking the news on and read that the missing Illinois State University student's body was found off of I-55 in Mississippi. She was a senior in the med tech program over there, and so I felt a little bit connected to her even though I had never met her. Sort of puts my troubles at work into perspective.

On that note, I'm going to continue with the fun post I had envisioned. Tonight I made a playlist for my iPod and I'm going to share my thoughts on it. Sort of like a celebrity playlist on iTunes except I have nothing to promote.

Breath (2a.m.)--Anna Nalick: I especially like the lines "2a.m. and I'm writing a song/if I get it all out on paper/it's no longer inside me/threatening the life it belongs to/and I feel like I'm naked in front of this crowd/these words are my diary screaming out loud/and I know that you'll use them/ however you want to." I can totally relate to that.

Creep--Stone Temple Pilots: TKE house. 1994. My friend and I were one of the last ones at a keg party. My friend was scamming on a brother, and another brother saw me sitting on a couch, took pity on me, and dance with me to this song.

Don't Speak--No Doubt: This song came out right around the time my husband and I started dating. When I would drive to his apartment late at night it always seemed to be playing on the radio.

Every Breath You Take--The Police: This always reminds me of my cousin Brooke's house. Her mom (who is actually my first cousin) was young and hip and cool and listened to rock.

Father Figure--George Michael: This mostly reminds me of the video. It seemed sort of dirty and risky and daring and it turned me on, but I couldn't explain why. Taboo, I guess.

Groovy Kind of Love--Phil Collins: I've always liked this song. My cousin played it during her wedding ceremony, and so now I associate it with her.

I Will Buy You a New Life--Everclear: I grew up near the poverty level. Those gift boxes charities put together near Christmas time? Our family used to get 'em. There's still something about a gift labeled "girl, age 13-15" that chokes me up. So I can relate to this song.

Inside Out--Eve 6: This is a good song to sing at the top of your lungs. I think of one of my best friends from college when I hear it.

Iris--Goo Goo Dolls: I think of working at SLU hospital when I hear this song. A cool guy I worked with and I had a deep philisophical discussion one night about the lyrics. Of course, any conversation at three in the morning has an element of importance to it, so maybe it wasn't as deep as I remember.

Kiss--Prince: Best Prince song ever. There will be no debate.

Losing My Religion--R.E.M.: I think about Gideon Fischel when I hear this song. He was my first kiss.

Lovin', Touchin', Sqeezin'--Journey: Ah, Journey. Another sing-along song. This makes me think of the infamous iPod night at work.

November Rain--Guns'n'Roses: Argueably the best GNR song.

Stay (I Missed You)--Lisa Loeb: I think of Winona Ryder and Melissa, my girlfriend from high school. We played lots of hands of Spite and Malice while sitting on the hood of her car at the town square one summer, and this song was on the radio alot.

Take It To the Limit--The Eagles: The Eagles are one of my husband's favorite bands. This makes me think of him.

Take Your Mama--Sissor Sisters: I just like the beat of this song. And you gotta love a band who names itself after lesbian slang.

The Freshman--The Verve: When I hear this song I think of living in St. Louis. When it would come on the radio, my husband and I would invariably be in the car and we'd both sing out loud to it. There's something special about singing out loud with someone.

To Be With You--Mr. Big: A lesser known hair-band. It seemed like I knew about 'em before anyone else did in high school.

Underneath Your Clothes--Shakira: Another sing-along song. I can convince myself I sound good when I harmonize with Shakira.

Wait--White Lion: Another song that makes me think of Ken.

When Doves Cry--Prince: Okay, maybe we should debate. This is a pretty kick-ass Prince tune.

Zombie--The Cranberries: This makes me think of freshman year in the dorms. Somebody was always blasting this song from their stereo, loudly, just because they could.

Well, that's it for tonight. Trips down memory lane are fun. Don't be surprised if I do it again soon. I need the emotional balm.


Innuendo said...

Nice! I really dig this kinda thing- talking about what songs remind you of. A post like this would take a TON of effort out of me. I'm not sure I'd be good at it. I have no iPod or equivalent. I'd have to do some research on my iTunes, and that doesn't contain everything I own. It would take a lot of planning and thinking. I may do it someday though. I'd be slightly afraid that no one would know the songs I picked- that would suck.

I have an aversion to the radio in general, and truly develop negative feelings toward many songs that became popular and overplayed. For example: The Freshman- reminds me of my own Freshman year of college, where EVERYWHERE I'D GO I'D HEAR IT. Still to this day it irritates the hell out of me, partially because everyone seemed to really "feel it", and I thought it was drivel. You're allowed to like it though- everyone did!

I'll give you this: November Rain IS the best GNR song EVER. The video kicked ass as well, and I remember being too young to work during the summer so I'd hang out with my friend Meaghan playing her Nintendo and watching MTV. They played November Rain almost every hour and we became obsessed with it.

I hadn't heard about the missing girl- that's really creepy and sad. Stuff like that really makes you wake up, doesn't it?

Innuendo said...

p.s. I blasted ZOMBIE in the car the other week. It still lives!