Monday, October 03, 2005

c is for cookie

Today I'm making chocolate-chip cookies in preparation for the 20th annual chocolate-chip cookie contest at work. It's not until November, but preparation is key because the competition is fierce. I'm baking sour-cream cookies, and they're ... ooookkaaaayyy. Definately not my best trick.

Then I'm going for a run, dammit, so I can put in a few hours on my re-writes before work. Aargh. I have got to lose some of this gut I've attained.

Yesterday I attended a cookout and played with one of my girlfriend's one-year-old. I'm not a maternal person, but as P was climbing up a slide, I found myself standing with my hand about six inches from her in case she lost her balance, and it occured to me how deeply ingrained those "protect-the-young" instincts are.


Anonymous said...

yeah...either it's a protect-the-young instinct, or a protect myself from the parents kicking my ass, hating me forever, and taking me to court because the kid fell on my watch.

uh...just saying.

Kelly said...

yeah, okay, you've got me there.