Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring is in the air ...

... and so I'm getting the urge to redecorate and plant flowers. It's this time of year that I always curse myself for not planting bulbs in the fall. It's also the time of year that I tell myself this is the year I'm actually going to do the back flowerbed and plant lots of annuals and actually have a decent lawn. It might really happen this time. I can't really plant any flowers until around Mother's Day--they'll just get frostbitten otherwise--but I can repaint the master suite in the meantime. I'm thinking brown walls in the bedroom, teal blue walls in the bathroom, and curtains/bedding/accents with a mixture of both colors. I've found towels and curtains I like a Target; finding new bedding could be an issue, as could finding a shower curtain. I'll search around until I find something, but I forsee a weekend soon where I'm up to my elbows in paint. I can't wait. And then maybe we'll be grown-ups and buy an actual bedroom furniture set. Right now it's a mish-mash of childhood, garage sale, and hand-me-down furniture.

I've also been pondering re-doing Ken's den. He's actually just turned our spare room into his office; I'd like to surprise him with new paint and a few cool asian-feel pictures for the walls. I think he'd really appreciate that, and it wouldn't take much effort. Maybe the next time he's away on business.


Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

I don't think redoing Ken's den is a surprise anymore.
Good luck with the flowers. We had a bunch of rain a while back and a couple of our big plants drown. I couldn't believe it. So now we need to get new plants too. I'm thinking our own palm tree and then some flowers for the patio.

More later.

Kelly Swails said...

You assume two things: one, Ken actually reads this blog, and two, Ken actually believes I would go through with it. The first might be true, but the second is iffy at best. :)

Rain in L.A.? What is the world coming to?

Innuendo said...

I'm surrounded by home improvement and redecorating...and mishmash hand-me-down furniture. It's getting overwhelming. I do have lots of bulbs coming up though. Some I planted in the fall, some were already here. I don't even remember which is which. We're also attempting to rejuvenate the lawn right now.