Friday, March 09, 2007

I rock even more today!

Another rejection, this one from Intergalactic Medicine Show for "Mark of a Woman." Definitely some new workout clothes on the horizon for me. Tomorrow I'd like to do a 7:30 spinning class, go shopping, work on my YA book, and send out "Mark of a Woman" and "Rules of Engagement." Busy day.

And now it's time to watch Illinois kick Indiana's ass.


Anonymous said...

Where are they going?

Kelly Swails said...

Yeah, haven't really decided yet. I need to go to do a little research and figure it out. Y was kind enough to offer some suggestions and so I'll probably start there.

Anonymous said...

He had good suggestions in that list. I'm not thrilled with Baen's Universe, but it's got a totally different setup, and I may just have been frustrated with that, too.

Most important thing that he taught me a couple of years back by dumping a list on me was that I should always be mentally prepared for where it's going to go next, i.e., when the place that has it right now rejects it. That way, when they do reject it, I'm emotionally expecting it--and when I eventually get published, it'll just be the utterly rocking unexpected moment that I've been hoping for, but not expecting.

Kelly Swails said...

I'm usually like that ... I get a rejection and I send it out the door either that evening or the next day. With "Rules of Engagement" it's such a chick-lit slanting piece that I don't think F&SF or Asimov's will be interested. I think I'm going to send it to Baen's Universe and send "Mark of a Woman" to Strange Horizons.