Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today I feel fat, sluggish, and unmotivated. To cure this, I'm going to pay bills and go to the gym. Tomorrow I will do laundry and work on my YA novel. Ken has suggested we do a half-marathon in September; if that's the case, I need to start running. The only aspect of running I like is finishing. I suppose, then, to get to the part I like, I need to start. Grrrr. So at the gym I'll do the treadmill and jump rope and lift weights.

I sent "Last Man Standing" to Weird Tales the other day. Fingers crossed!

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Sean M. Murphy said...

Good luck with LMS!

I'v egot to start running, too. I never would have believed someone telling me, ten years agao, that it would be hard to get out and go running. Now, I understand exactly why, and I don't like it. But do I "don't like it" enough to get out and do something about it?