Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good news!

I just received this e-mail from Jim Baen's Universe:
I'm sending this to let you know that "Rules of Engagement" has been forwarded for a final decision from our editor, Eric Flint.
Sweet! The letter went on to say basically "Eric's a busy guy, be patient" and gave me a link to track my submission. Rock on! Of course, I have to tell myself that Mr. Flint will surely reject the piece ... but still. He's lookin' at it! (Cue Eye of the Tiger.)

Oh, and before I completely space out, my writing bud Kelly McCullough has another book coming out in September. Go on over to and order Cybermancy. If you didn't read Webmage, here's your chance to order that, too. You might as well jump on the cyberpunk bandwagon now; Kelly Y has sold two more books in the series, MythOS and Codespell. They'll be out in 2008 and 2009, respectively. You can say you knew him when.


hollym said...

Eeee! Congrats, dude! *cheers*

Paul Genesse said...

Great, that's excellent news! You made it to the finals!


Innuendo said...


Kelly McCullough said...

Good luck!

Kelly McCullough said...


Good luck at Baen's. It's a great market and Eric's cool. Also, thanks for the props.


P.S. sorry for the double post. Hit the wrong button.

Anonymous said...

I read your post over at Jenny Rappaport's blog. You've fallen into her trap. Can't you see that she relishes rejecting writers? It's a literary agent's power trip. Don't commend her for publishing those statistics. Look at the authors she publishes at Amazon's rankings. How well do they do?

We'll never know how well the one's she's rejected would have done. Literary agents serve their own tastes, not the reading public's. They love the headiness of total control over a writer's destiny. See her for what she is. Her haughtiness in the process of rejection should chill you as it should every writer.

Kelly Swails said...

First off, thanks for all the good wishes! My fingers, toes, and legs are crossed. Of course, Mr. Flint is currently reading stories from April 2006 so it'll be a while before he works his way down the pile.

Anonymous: While I appreciate that you've stopped by and checked the place out, you've made me realize I've finally reached enough stature to warrant turning off the "anonymous" feature. While you are certainly entitled to your own opinion (and you've done a nice job at not being vulgur or rude while doing so), if you're going to visit my blog and post them, you're going to do it under your own name.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Congrats, X! You'll have to let me know where and how you submitted that--I'm not sure I did it correctly the last time I sent them something.

Kelly Swails said...

Sean: welcome back! I hope you didn't get, you know, sunburnt or anything in FL. :)

I sent the story as a regular submission, not as an "Introducing..." one or as part of the beginner's slush thing at the message board.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kelly! I assiduously avoided the sun, and still got sunburnt, but not too badly. I did, however, find out what horrible shape I am in; while toasting some opponents in beach volleyball, I dove for a ball and strained my shoulder. Ouch. I played through it for the full three games, and we won, but I got a taste of not keeping in shape and why I should be doing that.

Thanks for the subs info. I had sent them something last year as part of the slush thing on the board, and I didn't like the process, though I see the value of it. I guess I just like the old "You're the editor, you decide" model of submission. Viel glueck on the Baen sub, though!

Rob S. said...

Congrats Kelly, best of luck on the submission.