Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow. Day.

Oh, yeah! Having 10-15 inches of snow fall on your head during blizzard-like conditions pays off! I didn't go to work today--no way was I going to brave the interstate during a drifting, blowing, snow storming mess--and my manager just called to tell me not to come in tomorrow. Woooohooo! Rock on! Okay, I did feel guilty about not going in to work--one of my friend/co-workers lives in my town and made it in fine--but being told to stay home tomorrow erased all guilt. So far Ken and I have played my poker video game, made chocolate-chip pancakes and cheesy hash browns, read a homework assignment (Ken) and polished a new short story (me). We threw some chicken in the crock pot to eat tonight while we watch a movie, and I'm probably going to get ambitious here in a bit and make chocolate chip cookies and heart-shaped sugar cookies. Yeah, it sucks that I'll have to use up two days of paid leave, but Yippee! Snow days rule! I almost want to go outside and build a snow fort. Almost.


Innuendo said...

Hey- I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Lou's making a roast, he did some enginerding from home and I'm studying radiology. Later we're watching Six Feet Under.

Too bad WE have work/school tomorrow.
:( You're luckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

I should mention that I hardly remember what snow looks like, and my C.C. skis haven't been used in so long that they're considering gaining weight and taking up water skiing come summer. If it's gonna be cold, it should &@$%*^# snow, damn it.

Oh well. Guess I'll go to Hawai'i.

Kelly Swails said...

Tell ya what. You can stay at our house next week and use your skis all you want. Ken and I will go to Hawaii in your place. We have a projector and an xbox 360 and 4 cats to keep you company! We'll hook you up! What do ya say?

Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

Diana actually called to tell you to stay home?! What's happened to her since I've left? I would have told you that "Soandso" made it in, get a ride with them. Ha!
I guess I can't really say anything - I've almost forgotten what snow looks like also. Ah, the 70 degree weather.
The food sounds great though! I sure do miss you bringing in the sweets that you and Ken just shouldn't be eating.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, four cats! Think of the snuggle satisfaction after a hard day of skiing and shovelling! With hot cocoa and whiskey!

Too bad the plane tickets are non-transferable, or we'd be all over that.

Kelly Swails said...

Bridget: Diana loves me. I've got her so snowed.

Sean: I was thinking hot cocoa with peppermint schnaps, but hey, whatever floats your boat. If you change your mind ... you know where you can find me.