Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy birthday to me

I'm officially 32 today! Well, I guess it's not official until 8:05 p.m., but you get the idea. I have to say this is the crappiest birthday I've ever had, with Bailey dying two days ago and all. I'm beginning to get used to the idea that she's not here. I'm not on the verge of crying all the time, but it still doesn't take too much to push me over the edge. Saturday night we went out for dinner at Red Lobster with friends of ours. Ken and I both had a fish dinner and a glass of Bailey's on the rocks. It was a nice tribute. At one point in the evening I joked that in 12 years when Moonshine passes away, drinking a glass of moonshine's gonna be a bitch. I have a feeling we'll do it, though.

Ken had mentioned maybe getting a new kitty, not right away, but ya know ... sometime. I don't know. I look at the other three cats like little ticking time bombs, and I think to myself that I can't handle going through this anguish three more times. But then I think that Bailey had 12-1/2 great years with us, and the other cats have a pretty good life, so maybe it is worth it. Sure, there's a crappy month or so when they pass ... but all the happy times before hand make up for it. I don't want a new cat anytime soon, but I might be open to the suggestion this summer.

As for birthday festivities, we went out to breakfast with friends (yum), I'm going to color my hair (I'm going to be brave and try strawberry blonde) and I think I'd like to go get a manicure. I may or may not go buy a new FM transmitter for my iPod--my old one crapped out and I really like listening to the iPod on long trips. Then tonight Ken and I will probably watch The Departed and "Heroes" on TV while eating german chocolate cake. No worries--tomorrow night after work we're going out to happy hour with some of my work friends so I'll be sure to kick back a few cold ones then.


Kelly McCullough said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly.

I hope it gets better.

Innuendo said...


Jodi said...


I was hoping to be able to post the happy birthday ferrets for you, but it doesn't look like that kind of html is allowed. So go to this link:

*snugs* Happy birthday!

Kelly Swails said...

Jodi: the ferrets were great! So cute. You are obviously a computer genius!

Y: Yes, it's slowly getting better. Today I was actually able to talk about it without crying. Of course, then I felt a little guilty--she's only been gone four days, shouldn't I still be miserable?--but a good friend of mine told me that just because I don't cry doesn't mean I don't miss her. Today Ken and I even laughed about some of the things she used to do.

hollym said...

Yay birthday! 32 is such a fun age! (I'm 34, and I swear 32 was great!) Sounds like you had a nice time. *drools over Red Lobster*