Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best Survivor Ever

Last night I watched the first episode of "Survivor: Fiji." It had probably the funniest moment of the whole franchise. All nineteen Survivors were given the task of building a shelter. They have been provided materials, tools, and a blueprint of sorts.

Sylvia: (a.k.a. Middle-aged Architect Chick): This board is slightly askew, it's gonna throw the whole thing off.
Rocky (a.k.a. Young Dumb Bostonian): Askew? Ascoot? A-S-C-O-O-T?
MAC: No, askew.
YDB: If you're goin' throw around big words, ya gotta tell us what they mean.
MAC: It means not orthogonal.

Ken and I cracked up, composed ourselves, then rewound it and watched it again. Classic.


Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

My favorite survivor scene is the fire making showdown last season between Becky and Sundra. Neither girl could make fire after 1 1/2 hours - even with matches! We laughed so hard!

Kelly Swails said...

Yeah, that was pretty sweet. What the hell? Who lives on an island for 36 days without learning how to start a frickin' fire?