Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In all the hulabaloo I forgot to mention I received a rejection from Asimov's for "Last Man Standing" on Saturday. To tell you the truth I sort of forgot about it until I saw the letter on my desk tonight. I'm going to hold onto it for a few weeks and then send it to Weird Tales. Fingers crossed!


Rachel Barth said...

Well, I can see that while I've been head-down in the digestive system, you've been on a roller-coaster!! First, happy birthday, baby. May all future birthdays be even better than this one.
Second, I am sorry about your dear cat. Very sad indeed.
Last but not least-- cheer yourself up by going to see Ghost Rider! It was awesomely stupid fun! It was just a bunch of hot guys fighting all the time. And another hot guy with a flaming head! And Eva Mendez might have had some lines, too, but I couldn't pay any attention to that at all, because I was just waiting for her boobs to explode right out of her too-small shirt! Yes, this movie had something for everyone.
So anyway, in the meantime, come over to my blog and read my endocrine love letters. And then help me with more endocrine stuff!

Kelly Swails said...

Funny you should mention Ghost Rider. Ken and I saw that with friends on Saturday night. While it was a good distraction from thinking of Bailey, it was right with "Van Helsing" as far as writing/acting went. As in, terrible. The story had a lot of potential, but the writing fell apart about half-way through. And Eva Menendez Can. Not. Act. I saw her in "Hitch" and she was crappy in that, too. Clearly a case of the "casting couch" of hollywood. Though, I have to say, it did cheer me up ... so it wasn't all bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs now that I'm back in town. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. She looks very sleek in her picture. I hope you are doing all right.

Congrats on the rejection from Asimov's; when did you send it in? They've still got "I.P.A.N.E.M.A. Girl" from me, bu tif you had "Last Man Standing" rejected, then they've got to be working through that same pile of stories--if I remember correctly, you'd sent LMS in shortly before I'd sent in IG.

Kelly Swails said...

Thanks, Sean. It's been rough--just when I think I'm over it I cry again. Yesterday I paid the vet bill for Bailey's cremation and could barely hold myself together until I got to the car. But time marches on, as they say.

I sent in LMS on October 17th ... so 16 weeks, or something. I sent it out to Weird Tales today.