Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globes

I had toyed with the idea of live blogging the Golden Globes tonight, but frankly, I'm too busy watching it to do that. For me, the GG's are fun to watch for two reasons: 1. by the end of the night everyone is drunk, and 2. lip-reading the audience members. A few years ago I swear I saw that chick from Weeds say "what a bitch" about Meryl Streep. Snarkiness at its finest!

Yeah, so this means I'm not getting a lot of writing done tonight. Tomorrow, three things: work, gym, write. In that order. Oh, and I'll probably eat, too, but that's not important.

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Innuendo said...

I have a friend who was super pumped about the Golden Globes.
I think I was in LA last year during the Golden Globes.

I am so ignorant when it comes to identifying celebrities and remembering their work that a lot of times I just pretend to know who people are talking about. Like a nod and an "oh yeah". Also, I find awards shows kind of scary in general.