Thursday, January 04, 2007


Tonight after work Ken and I went into town to go to a pancake house for dinner. On a wet, rainy, cold, miserable day, there's nothing better than breakfast food--maybe an omelet and some pancakes--with some nice hot chocolate. But when we got there--dun-dun-dun--the place was CLOSED!! Bah! Our second choice was a diner that we go to every few months but that was more driving that we wanted to do, and the third choice was IHOP which is on campus and who wants to deal with that mess? Mostly it was just having our dreams of fluffy omelets and apple pancakes dashed that killed the mood for us. So we came home and had cereal. I had hot Grape-nuts, but it wasn't the same.

I have tomorrow off--I work the weekend--so I'm hoping to get one short-story done tomorrow. I sort of cheated, because it's a story I had already started that I'm revamping, but still. It'll be a story done this week.


Innuendo said...

Tragedy! What pancake house? Closed for the night or closed for good? Diners are a dying breed, which is sad. And why is that? The world needs plenty of 24-hour breakfast places. Is it the franchises...and fast food...?

And yes, breakfast food is perfect on a cold, rainy day.

Kelly Swails said...

The Original Pancake House, and it was just closed for the night. Dirty bastards. I'm still a little peeved by it.