Thursday, September 20, 2007

I feel like Jodi Meadows

Yesterday I came up with a new idea for a book. Or, more precisely, a shadow of an idea for a book. A YA contemporary murder mystery/fantasy set in an all-girl's school. Or maybe not that last bit. I dunno quite yet. It will require a little bit of research into witchcraft, I think. I picture the feeling as a little goth and a little creepy.

This is jostling for time with the AI/autism idea that's been sprouting roots. That one is firmly an adult novel with lots of political and emotional undertones. Lots of research for that, too.

Do I have an outline for either of these? Of course not, silly. That comes after the mundane sf short. And the pile of research.

I'm nearly giddy. Being excited about two new book ideas rocks!


Jodi Meadows said...


Welcome to crazyville.

Kelly Swails said...

I'll let you know if I start twitching. :)

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Sounds like you're in the same situation I'm usually in: too many ideas, too little time. I hope your stories clarify in your mind and you're able to start writing.

Can't wait for World Fantasy. Hope to see you there!