Friday, September 07, 2007

A conversation overheard

Where: in the gym lobby
When: around 6:40 p.m.
Who: two college-aged women

Tall lanky sorority girl: Oh my god! How are you?
Short brunette sorority girl: Oh my god, I'm so tired.
TLSG: Oh my god, me too. I just got out of class--
SBSG: I usually have class now but it let out early.
TLSG: That's cool. You get to work out, at least.
SBSG: I totally need it. Hey, I talked to Jane last night.
TLSG: Oh my god. Is she still in New York?
SBSG: She's not in New York; Brad is. She's in New Jersey.
TLSG: But she's still with him, right?
SBSG: They're on "a break." Right now she's with this other guy.
TLSG: Oh my god, Jane and Brad broke up?! Why?
SBSG: I dunno. I think they're gonna get married eventually, but they need to go out with other people to realize no one else can compare.
TLSG: They should totally marry. They're kids would be hot.
SBSG: Totally.
TLSG: But who's she seeing now?
SBSG: This older guy ... actually, he's her boss.
TLSG: Oh my god! So, he's like, old.
SBSG: Well, not old. He's like 30 or something.
TLSG: *silence*
SBSG: Okay, he's old.
Both: laugh hysterically.

It should be noted that no homicides were committed at the gym or its environs last night.


Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

Just wait till they get old (hit 30) and their metabolism slows.

Paul Genesse said...

That is so funny!

Keep that one in mind for a book or story someday.


Eric said...

Kelly, just read your stories and loved them. You write as well as I hoped you would. I look forward to buying your book.


Kelly Swails said...

Bridget: Ha! Yeah! You got that right. Let's see how much they laugh when their ass spreads.

Paul: Have no fear; it's filed away in the steel trap I like to call a mind. :)

Eric: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them. Keep you're fingers crossed--I'll be starting the agent-hunt soon. If that goes well, they'll start the publisher-hunt and then hopefully my YA novel will see the light of day. On that note, don't be a stranger--I love comments on the blog.