Sunday, November 12, 2006

Slimy Sundays

Today has been a perfect Sunday:
1. I did a few loads of laundry, which was enough to make me feel productive.
2. I didn't shower. I tell myself this is so my skin and hair can replenish their natural oils, but really I'm just lazy. I love being lazy on Sunday.
3. I baked a batch of Rocky Balboa cookies. I'm entering the 21st Annual Chocolate-chip cookie contest at work on Friday, and this is one of many practice batches. I tried a Rocky Road cookie with mini-marshmellows and walnuts, but the marshmellows stuck to the cookie sheet and the spatula, so they sort of fell apart. The look horrible but they're yummy, so I named them the Rocky Balboa cookie. You know, "ugly champion" cookies. Yeah, I thought it was pretty clever, too.
4. I took a nap around 4 p.m. Naps on Sunday run a close second to not showering on Sunday.
5. I finished one book and started another.

And that just about wraps up my day.


Innuendo said...

yesh you are zee clever.

Holly said...

Sounds sooo nice...

Rachel Barth said...

Mmmmmm. . . . coookies......
I wish you were making some for me.
Send me your recipe when you get it worked out! I will always call them Kelly's Cookies and make your fame spread far and wide.
Norman, my dear husband, was intrigued to learn you are my twin. But I put a stop to his filthy-minded musings!
Okay, now I read that back it sounds weird. But I'm leaving it in because you of all people can appreciate the act of blurting out stupid sh$$t!

Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

Aren't you glad I can't enter my famous break and bake cookies? You know I would win! Ha!