Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bloggin' from Austin

Okay, not really. Ken and I are back home. I would have blogged from Austin, but the fucking hotel the convention was at didn't have free internet! Anywhere! Dirty bastards. We paid for one day, but I didn't have time that particular day to post properly, so I'm doing it now.

My con experience was better this year than last year. For one thing, I knew a few people, so I was able to mingle a bit more, and that in turn introduced me to more people. I only felt like a talentless-hack-poser a few times. Once I reminded myself that I had read plenty of books from people there that I didn't particularly like and that there's room in the publishing biz for all our voices, I got over myself. I met lots of writers-on-the-edge-of-discovery, a few established writers, and a few agents. It was a great con. I'd like to attend two or three conventions next year. I might have to stick to the regional ones. WFC is in New York State next year, which would be cool, but ... we'll have to see.

Friday night was particularly fun. One of my writer friends, Paul Genesse, has a short story out in the anthology "Furry Fantastic." It's his first pro story, I believe, and he had a space in the autograph room on Friday night so he could sign copies for people. It just so happened that most of the people who were going to pick up copies dined together, and so after dinner, we went to the autograph room and caused a scene. Rachel (a girl I had pretty much met just before dinner) and I ran up to where Paul was sitting and starting yelling, "Oh, my God! Is that Paul? Paul Genesse? Oh my God! Can we have your autograph?" Rachel went one step further and said "Will you sign my chest?" Paul's friend Patrick said, "Dude, your story changed my life. I was going to kill myself until I read "The Mob." Paul's neighbors got a kick out of it, and he was suitably embarrassed, so it was all good. Somebody had better do that for me when I have a book signing. Get your Sharpies ready now.

One of the established writers I got to meet was Steven Brust. You know, the dude who writes the "Vlad Taltos" novels. I only spoke with him briefly, but he seemed like a nice fellow. I caught kind of an "aging hippie" vibe from him, which I didn't really expect. I've actually e-mailed him about writing a few times in the past three years. I was able to reference that so I didn't come across as a huge geeky fan girl. Now that I think about it, though, maybe I came across as a huge geeky fan girl stalker, which may or may not be worse.

My writing goal is to finish the first draft of the book by the end of the year so I can write short stories next year. I'd like to write one a week and submit everything I write. Gotta make a name and reputation for myself, you know.


Terri Pray said...

LOL, so you were the ones doing that to Paul. Too cool. He's a fun guy.

Terri Pray, also an attendee at WFC

Holly said...

Hi Kelly! It's me, Holly, who you met on Friday. I believe Paul introduced us. It was great fun hanging out, and I hope you'll keep in touch!

Kelly said...

Holly: Hello and welcome! I'm glad you stopped by. I would love to keep in touch, but I don't have your e-mail or livejournal address. If you want, you can post these in a comment, or if not, you can e-mail me at
Terry: Glad you could stop by! Paul is a fun guy. I'm sorry, but I don't remember meeting you ... ah, well. Always next year!

Innuendo said...

sounds like a successful trip! oh and someday you'll have your very own huge geeky fangirl/boy stalkers. hahaha!

Firehawk said...


Hi, this is Patrick. We met at World fantasy the other day. So, I came over, as I said I would. I'm on your blog! Mentioned in the post, no less.

I just wanted to say that I had a blast hanging out with you and Ken over the Con weekend, and I hope we'll be able to stay in contact. Good luck with all your writing. I hope you break out in the coming year!

Holly said...

oops :p I'm at

I'm posting about meeting you as we speak! hehe Talk to you soon!

Rachel Barth said...

KELLY!! It's me, Rachel, your partner-in-Paulomania! I went to Patrick T.'s blog and linked to you from there. Wazzup? Email me at, okay girl?
I was sad not to see you on Sunday, too. I'm jealous you got to meet Brust, how excellent.