Friday, January 27, 2006

chick night

Tonight is at a buddy's house, so I have the run of the place. After work, I mosey'd around the mall for a bit, tried on a few party dresses just for kicks, and basically made a nuisance of myself. While I was trying on dresses in Penney's, two girlfriend's and one of their--boyfriend? guy-friend?-- was with them, critiquing. Somehow, one of them convinces this dude to try on a dress, too. I caught a glance of him before this went down, and I think the dude was totally straight, but obviously I could be mistaken. They were in the dressing room two doors down from me, laughing and saying things like "Oh, blue isn't your color" and "try the flowers next". In the future they'll look back on this night and remember what fun they had. In the future I'll look back on this night and rethink my gaydar.

Second story is out in the hands of readers. One person has said she liked them both but liked the first one better. We'll see what everyone thinks.

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