Wednesday, January 02, 2008

There's a leak in the dam!

So I think I've finally hit on the right way to approach this short story I've been working on. I've started it four different times; the first three, I'd get about 1,000 words in and decided I hated it. And not just "ugh, this a tough paragraph to write" or "ew, I don't like this passage, it's got to go on the rewrite" but "dear sweet Jesus, this sucks. I'm gonna go wrap presents/do laundry/scoop cat litter." Today, faithful blog readers, I'm 1300 words in and I can't wait to get back to it. The tone is right, I'm learning a bit more about the character, as I write I'm getting ideas for what comes next and how to fix what I've already written so that what's coming makes sense ... ah, writer bliss. I tell you, it's a wonderful thing. I have tomorrow off and it's entirely possible I could finish the rough draft.


Anonymous said...

What up Little Engine! Have a great writing day, X!

Kelly Swails said...

Thanks, Sean. Thursday turned out to be a wash but I'm getting a lot done tonight. Visiting the fam tomorrow and so I hope to polish it on Sunday and get it out to beta readers.