Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Spirit

I had a moment of sadness when I hung up the stockings because I had to leave Bailey's in the crate. So I hung up the fish-shaped stocking instead. It made me feel a teensy bit better.
Since Ken and I are doing the whole "Biggest Loser" business at the gym, the cookies are going to work tomorrow. Ken doesn't like sugar cookies and the fun for me is decorating them, so it's all good. Note that I gave the gingerbread man with a broken leg a little bit of red-icing blood.


Innuendo said...

All your decorations look so cute! I'm jealous. I'm jealous of the cookies too...I love making decorated cookie cutter cookies but haven't managed to do that for a long time. Your gingerbread man broken leg comment makes me think of my childhood-- my special "aunt" type friend of mine (and my parent's friend)would have a cookie day for just her and I. We'd bake and decorate cookies and candy all day long and listen to christmas music and always make some sort of christmas ornament or craft. Then we'd drive around the neighborhood and look at christmas lights. It rocked.
I would always have to make some of the goodies a little bit angels with mustaches. Maybe I've told this story before.
*sigh* whatever. fond christmas memories for forever.

Kelly Swails said...

I don't think I've heard that memory ... but I like it.