Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another time-waster for your amusement

All right, fine. I give in. Here's a meme I cribbed from Elizabeth Glover. For those of you who read my blogspot and LJ blogs, forgive me; I'm posting this to both.

Set your music player to "shuffle." Take a random lyric from each of the first ten songs to play. The blog readers that guess correctly get a Great Prize!
P.S. Googling the lyric=cheating.
P.P.S. The Great Prize=the satisfaction of being correct. You're gettin' nothin' from me.

As an extra bonus, I'm including a few hints. I think this is hard.

1. You got off every time you got on to me. (Think recent rock album)

2. There's vomit on his sweater already/mom's spaghetti/he's nervous/but on the surface he looks calm and ready. (rap song from a movie)

3. "Please state your name for the record." (think dialogue from movie)

4. My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. (think guy-liner)

5. We all had our reasons to be there/we all had a thing or two to learn/ we all needed something to pray to. (think angry young woman)

6. It'll take more than a shot to get the poison outta me. (think hairband that's still making music)

7. Oh you hold me so close and my knees grow weak. (think 70's singer that had a penchant for looooong operatic songs)

8. Being good isn't always easy/no matter how hard I try. (think movie soundtrack)

9. Come and knock on our door/we've been waiting for you. (think 70's-era theme song)

10. It's a struggle livin' like a good boy oughta/in the summer watchin' all the girls pass by. (Think Elton John sound-alike)

Good luck, gang!

ETA: 2=Eminem "Lose Yourself" and 4=Green Day" Blvd. of Broken Dreams.
Congrats to Sean Murphy!


Anonymous said...

1. Maroon5
2. Eminem
3. No idea
4. Green Day
5. Kelly Clarkson?
6. GnR
7-10. No idea

Wow, I'm bad at this.

Kelly Swails said...

Yeah, this sucks. The one's I've seen I can't get at all.

Number one is not Maroon 5, but good guess. Think harder rock.
You got 2 and 4 right. Number 5's album is like 15 years old; though, with my clue, KC was a good guess.

Good to see you floating around the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

I've cut one head off my current hydra and will be battling the second this week. Thank gorm I've already got my writing done for Wyrdsmiths on Thursday!

Innuendo said...

number 5 is alanis.

that's all i know.