Monday, April 02, 2007

look, ma, no hands!

Today I received the cover and proof pages for Pandora's Closet via priority mail. I feel like a real writer.

And then I mowed the yard, which grounded me sufficiently.

Tonight I'm going to proof the proof pages and write four pages in the YA book. June 1st looms.


Anonymous said...

You mowed the yard?

It snowed here last night. We won't be mowing until , say, mid-May.

You mowed?

Kelly Swails said...

Yep. And then the cold front came, bringing thunderstorms with it. The past two days lows have been in the twenties and highs in the forties. Next week spring will alegedly be back.

Ah, Illinois. Don't like the weather? Wait a week. It'll change.