Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another picture

This one is of the Pirates of the Blue Kindoms back cover. Seeing my name in print never gets old. I'm told the price isn't set yet, but it should be between $15-$20. I suppose that makes it a trade paperback (that's the bigger paperbacks that you buy in bookstores, for those of you not in the biz). Today I bought a pirate t-shirt (from the juniors department, for the love of God!) to wear when I do readings from this antho. I have an aquaintance that plays guitar in coffeeshops and she's invited me to read during her intermissions. The idea makes me nervous but I'd like to do it in May and August when I'll actually have books to sell after the show. Listen to me, I act like folks will want to buy a copy after I mangle a reading, haha. It'll be good practice, at any rate.


Innuendo said...

I think this all sounds really cool! DO IT!

Anonymous said...

You have to read it in a pirate voice. Har-har, me matey!

Paul Genesse said...


It's so cool to see our names on the back cover of the book. I'm so excited for us. That's awesome you have a pirate t-shirt for readings. Makes me want to get an eye-patch.