Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I need to see a movie, already

Movies I want to see the summer:
The Da Vinci Code
Nacho Libre (okay, who doesn't love Jack Black?)

Movies I haven't seen but need to see, apparently, to be American
Bad Santa
The Godfather Trilogy
Old School
This Is Spinal Tap

Movies I love that everyone loves
Ocean's Eleven
When Harry Met Sally
Pirates of the Caribbian

Movies I love so much I know most of the words
The Princess Bride
Pretty Woman
A Few Good Men

1 comment:

Innuendo said...

You DO need to see THIS IS SPINAL TAP.

It's one of my favorites because
a) it's that great group of actors
b) i love the idea of "the rock and roll lifestyle"...and making fun of it.

You'll probably like Bad Santa too. He swears even more than you do.