Friday, June 09, 2006

goin' good

Stories are goin' good, I think. I've written a rough draft of one for the assasin open anthology, and I'm working on a "dark" story for a contest. That one is about half-done. Next I think I'll work on a script for the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" just for kicks. Not that I think anything will come of it ... but you never know. I don't even really know who to contact to submit the thing. I should probably do some googling and some e-mailing, see if what I can dig up.

Last week Ken and I got new flashy-dashy camera phones. I can't wait to take incriminating pictures of my friends for my own personal enjoyment.

And I lost two pounds this week. I've starting running again, so that's how that happened. Working out is key to keeping the lard off my ass. Some people can do it with diet alone ... not me. Gotta keep it up.

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