Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Origins 2013!

How did it get to be mid-June already? That’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know.
Anyhoo, since it’s mid-June, that means I’m at Origins Game Fair in Columbus. It’s my first time as a writing-program event planner, and while I’m a bit nervous, so far it’s going well. If you’re in the environs of the Convention Center and want to stalk me at some writing panels, here’s my schedule:
Thursday 10 a.m., room 223: Hey! I’ve got a day job!
Friday, 11 a.m., room 223: Women Writing Horror
Friday, noon, room 222: Sexism, How much is too much?
Saturday, 11 a.m., room 223: A writing group is not just a group of writers
Sunday, 11 a.m., room 222: Writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction
I’ll be in the Library area of the dealer hall most other times. When I’m not eating or playing games, that is. Origins is a gaming convention, so I expect I’ll be sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated by Sunday afternoon. Which is as it should be. 

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