Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thus endeth the run ...

Sort of.

Fine. Livejournal wins. I'm going to blog mostly at livejournal now--the "Copyright infringement" linky is on the left. Or, you can access the blog from my webpage at Or go straight there at

I'm not going to delete this blog, because there's some cool stuff in the archives. And you never know, someday if I become a writer full time I might want to upkeep two blogs again.

Why the change, you ask?

Well, LJ has lots of cool features, and I feel like more people read that blog, anyway. Also, I've had a hard time separating my "writing" self from the rest of my life. Keeping two blogs for different aspects of my life has become increasingly cumbersome.

So, goodbye, blogger. It's been a good run. And we can still totally be friends.

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Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

I'll see ya on the flip side...