Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soggy Sunday

The remnants of Hurricane Ike came through Central Illinois today. I have no idea how many inches we got. I heard predictions of 6 to 8, and that would probably be about right. Earlier I tried to drive to McDonald's to get breakfast and the highway had standing water. I probably could have made it through, but why risk it for an iced coffee? I didn't want to do laundry because I didn't want to overtax the sump pump (which has been working overtime to keep our basement dry, thankyouverymuch). So what have I accomplished today? Nothing, and it's been wonderful. I read a book and knitted and slept. There is something so decadent and marvelous about a Sunday-afternoon nap.

The rain has no passed and so I must try to get some laundry done. A girl's gotta have clean underwear, don't ya know.


Innuendo said...

that weekend i was in peoria. 3 inches per day for 3 days. my dog ate some wild turkey poo and got mega-diarrhea. lame.

Kelly Swails said...

Eeew. A dog with diarrhea must suck.