Monday, August 25, 2008

Movie Review--Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is an action/comedy starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downy Jr., Jack Black, Brandon T. Jackson, and Jay Baruchel. Actors shooting a Veitnam War-era movie are accidently dropped into the middle of a baaaaaad situation and are forced to become the soldiers they are protraying. The acting is great. Robert Downy Jr. is especially good. The screenplay is awesome; the movie has an actual plot and all the humor, action, and emotion make sense. Jack Black plays a strung-out movie star, and he rocks as usual. Black never holds back, and his performance in TT is no exception. I'll definitely buy this movie once it comes out on DVD. Here's the thing, though: I'd pay full price to see this movie again because of Tom Cruise. He plays a pudgy studio head, and he's awesome. He's only in a few scenes, but they rocked. So, go! You'll laugh! You'll laugh harder!


Patrick Roberts said...

just seeing RDJ posing in the movie posters cracks me up... that guy's got a knack for not taking himself too seriously

Kelly Swails said...

Dude! I know. RDJ totally plays it straight. He does a great job.

I suppose it's hard to take yourself too seriously when you've hit rock-bottom like he has. Nothing like coming back from a raging drug addiction to give you some humility.