Friday, March 21, 2008

I. Love. Judy. Greer.

I've loved her ever since she played the freaky outcast in Jawbreaker. I loved her before anyone knew who she was. An executive over at ABC finally got a clue and cast her as the lead in a new series called Miss Guided. (Though it might have been Ashton Kutcher that got the clue--he's the executive producer of the show.) She is just so geeky and real and honest and awesome. Don't believe me? Check her out here.


Innuendo said...

Why don't they make GOOD highschool movies anymore? I'd watch em.


Kelly Swails said...

Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan was, believe it or not, pretty good. The story was believable and Rachel McAdams rocked as the lead bitch. If you've not seen Jawbreaker, you might actually like it. It's subversive and strange, and there's a weird sex scene between Rose McGowan and Marilyn Manson (they were dating during filming).