Sunday, December 17, 2006


Here's pictures of the kitchen, as promised. In the pictures it looks pink, but it's more of a pinkish-brown. That's such a chick distinction to make. The dining room--which you can see in the second picture if you squint--is a burgundy/cranberry color, and our living room is tan, so the kitchen flows a lot better than it did. Before last weekend, it had yellow walls, blue curtains, and yellow/blue accessories. I still need to buy towels and a sheer to go over the kitchen sink. Right now I feel a litte exposed at night.
Yesterday I received a rejection for the first book of my trilogy. Bah. Though, the rejection letter said, "while there was much to recommend the writing," it wasn't for them. Onward. I've been adding to my short-story idea log for the next year, and the current book is coming along nicely. I've lost a pound or two, and I've actually started Christmas shopping instead of just talking about it. Life is good.
Last night Ken and I had a "couple date." We went out to dinner with a co-worker of mine and his wife, and we all seemed to hit it off. These things only work if all four people click--one wife can't hate the other husband or worse, the other wife, that sort of thing--and I think we did. Afterwards, we went to their house to play games. We played the variation of Uno with the contraption that spits cards out at you, then two rounds of Pictionary. They actually wanted to play Pictionary first, but we chose Uno, and I found out after we left Ken had the same reasoning I did: Pictionary was the game we played with Bridget and Jimmy, and we didn't want to make any new Pictionary memories. They really wanted to play after we got done with Uno, though, and we couldn't protest without looking like idiots, so we did it. We had fun, but it was a little bittersweet for us, I think. For the record, we played Uno with B and J too, but it was old-school Uno, and so playing the new kind didn't seem like such a betrayal to me. Perhaps "betrayal" is too harsh a word. It's close, though.


Jodi said...

Looks great, dude!

Rejection stinks, but it looks like you've got the right attitude about it. Onward!

Innuendo said...

Aw, you're cute. I can't see the pics right now though. Hmm. Maybe I'll try back later.

holly said...

The house looks great!!

Glad the couples date was fun. It's so important that everyone like everyone. It's kind of rare.

Bridget (& Jimmy) said...

Hey! The kitchen looks good!
Was Uno really the same without Jimmy mumbling "Don't forget to say Uno"? Also, was there liquor involved? Who are these people trying to take our place? I'm glad you were thinking of us.
We sure do miss you guys!
Keep on with the writing and the book. Not everyone can be smart enough to recognize talent the first time.

Innuendo said...

ooh. now i can see the pictures.
beeeautiful. that must've taken you a long time...?

Kelly Swails said...

Bridget: Dude, I so needed that pep-talk. And I did have echoes of "Remember to say Uno" running through my head as we played. I kept them to myself, though, because that's our thing.

Innuendo: It took all of one weekend to do it, plus an evening to get books back on the shelf and such. Not terrible. Though, I my quads felt like rocks for a few days from all the squating and climbing.