Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is your cat on drugs.

So Morgan's been doing this thing for the past couple of months. Actually, let me back up; the story starts back when I was still on evenings. During Ken's morning shower, Morgan would stand outside the shower and meeeoooowww loud enough to keep me awake. This drove me to drastic measures. One day I tossed the covers aside, said, "Okay, you fuckin' cat, I'll give you something to meow about" and tossed him into the shower with Ken. He hopped out and licked the water off. More importantly, he didn't meow.
I created a monster.
Now, when Ken and I shower, he gets in with us. With me, Morgan will prance in and out of water, but with Ken, he'll stay under the spray long enough to get really wet.

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Innuendo said...

Your cat is a freak.

A couple of weeks ago we sedated cats and dunked them into 5 gallon paint buckets just to give them baths without stress and havok. The kitties were soooooo high that we had to make sure their little faces didn't sink below the water and bubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble.