Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It hurts to blog

This year I've joined a summer softball league, and Sunday was our first practice. Actually, I think it maybe our only practice. Anyhoo, I hustled. I jumped. I threw. I ran. I batted. I got sunburned. And I woke up the next day pretty stiff and creaky. Monday was our first game. I hustled. I ran. I batted. I threw. Tuesday I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. It hurt to walk down steps. It hurt to walk up steps. It hurt to laugh. I hurt to drive. I'm so fucking old.

An interesting side note: I ended up in the ER after practice on Sunday for reasons completely unrelated to ball. I've had a recurring stomach pain for the last couple of years. Sunday after dinner it hurt so bad I was doubled over and on the verge of tears. Ken convinced me to go to the ER, where I was told I have an ulcer. What the fuck. The list of foods/drinks I'm supposed to stay away from is basically a list of my favorites: spicy foods, carbonated beverages, citrus fruits, and alcohol. I guess this means lemon drop shots are out. I say chocolate martinis and white russians are still in; any liquor with milk can't be all bad. Stupid ulcer.

Finally finished up the Survivor short story. Next on deck are two short story contests/open anthologies for June. One is a dark fantasy contest, word limit 4000 words. The other is a sword-and-sorcery assasin anthology. I have all sorts of thoughts swirling in my head; I just gotta pluck out two and get crackin'.

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Innuendo said...

sorry to hear about your ER/ulcer episode! i am catching up on your blog today.

i had problems last fall where for about 2 weeks everytime i ate, immediate sharp stomach pain. the only thing that made me feel better were these chalky mints from the UK, kinda like altoids only bigger and not as strong. my mom then told me that peppermint CAUSES ulcers. shit!

so i stopped the mints and started with an anti-heartburn pill and it fixed far, but i totally understand your "OMG! no spicy food, no alcohol, no diet coke!!!!" panic.

all these things cause irritable bowel disease flare-ups too, of which i'm also a sufferer.

so we're both so fucking old! at least you have a healthy lifestyle. i don't. i should definitely lay off the heroin and needlesharing.